Help Your Friends Relax With A Neck Massage

When days have passed and you are still cramming for your finals, its common place for stress and aches to take hold in your body. When hours have gone by and you’re hunched over a laptop or a book studying, it’s more often than not that these aches manifest themselves in the neck and shoulder regions. It’s quite common to tell if someone is stressed because their neck and shoulder muscles are incredibly tense, when in reality they should be relaxed.

A great way to relieve the stress and tension from the area is through a well performed neck massage. A neck massage will not only relieve the muscles it will also make you feel better and hopefully help you shed some of that stress too. This article will take you through how to give a great neck massage to someone else. If you are lucky, someone will return the favor.

1.       If you have a massage chair available then have your friend sit in that, but the chances are you don’t. In that case have your friend sit in a normal straight back chair instead.

2.       Have your friend sit with his or her back firmly against the back of chair and sit upright to give you access to their neck and shoulders.

3.       Start by massaging the lower sections of your friend’s shoulders. Use a firm circular motion with the palms and fingers of your hands.

4.       Massage the shoulders with your elbows as well, by rubbing them across the largest muscles of the shoulders in a circular motion once again.

5.       Once completed, it’s time to move onto the neck area. You will want to start by kneading the lower portions of their neck around their shoulders. Start at the bottom and move up, ever so slightly. You should periodically give the entire neck a once over during this period. Once you reach the base of the skull head back down the neck to the shoulders.

6.       Repeat the above steps as many times as it takes to feel a difference in the tightness in the shoulders. Change the direction in which you massage your friend’s neck and shoulders to give a thorough massage.

The idea with a massage is to be firm but gentle; you wouldn’t want to hurt your friend. Ask them if you’re applying to much pressure periodically, and before long you will have it just perfect. Once you have finished with your friend it’s time for you to take the seat and reap the benefits of your labors with your very own neck massage.

The Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving: Mobile Massage

The ceremonies, family gatherings and pleasantries are in full throttle. Just how many gathering are there? But enjoy and relish the fact that you’ve graduated after four long years of school. You’ve got your degree. And you career pursuits are on.

You’re at home, you change into your favorite jammies and crash on the couch. What times does “Glee” come on? So many thoughts, anxieties and questions—jobs, apartments, autos. Paychecks.

A bubbling volcano is active. It rolls up through the legs, back, arms, fingers, neck and shoulders and explodes into back of your head, screaming like a fire-hot Van Halen concert. Likely diagnosis: s-t-re-s-s.

We suggest extinguishing the fire and putting a lid on the volcano. De-stress by making sure you ask for the graduation gift that keeps on giving.

Massage. Mobile massage. So tell your friends they can get a variety of massages in a variety of locations. Let’s explain.

Real Convenience. While the common perception of massage is an experience at a massage facility, we offer massage service that makes it convenient for you. Our massage therapists hit the road and are found at colleges, health fairs and corporations. We’ve offered massages at malls and even private parties.

Real Experts. Did you know massage therapists must be licensed or certified? They do. Massage On The Go offers therapists offering one or the other. They are experienced and have demeanors that add to the relaxing and healing aspects of a quality massage.

Real Variety. Massage isn’t always just the neck or shoulders, nor is always lying on the bed, being partially disrobed, with a complete body massage. There are also added relaxation services and techniques. We’ve listed a few.

The Chair Massage. This is our most common service. The purpose of chair massage is to provide stress relief for our participants. Massage is a great way to introduce or continue the lifelong process of doing something healthy for one’s self that feels great. Our massage programs are both light-hearted fun and about feeling the pleasure of being alive.

The Event Massage. Event massage is all about technique and presentation. It takes more than technique to make an event massage therapist. They need to give a quality massage, understand the client’s needs and be comfortable in high-traffic public settings.

The Foot Massage. Relax your feet while waiting for your massage or have a separate foot massage station. Each person gets their own disposable foot booties to ensure cleanliness.

Aromatherapy. Get in touch with all your senses. Enjoy essential oil scents that are created to induce relaxation, energy and vitality and are a treat not only to your sense of smell but to your entire sense of well being. Massage aromatherapy refreshes and re-vitalizes.

The Henna Tattoo. Natural henna dyes and our henna artists give you the chance to experience the ancient body art of henna. The Henna tattoo typically lasts for 2-3 weeks. A great addition to any massage or spa event or multi-cultural event.

The Oxygen Bar. An Oxygen Bar is the perfect added attraction to any massage event. Each station has scent-filled oxygen giving each person a breath of fresh air to stimulate their senses. We have different oxygen bar stations to accommodate various amounts of people at a time.

So, when graduation gets you and your friends stiff and stressed, you know the graduation gift that keeps giving. Tell family. Tell friends. Massages really matter.

Student Advisors Can Benefit Students with Class Advice—Health Advice Too

From freshman orientation to advice on curriculum and career choices, the student adviser plays a key role in the progress of on-campus student life.

For newbies, early college life is an emotional roller-coaster of excitement, anxiety, highs and lows, new friends and no friends.

For students acclimated to life on campus, there are different stressors, no less severe. Data prove it:

  • Student suicides still total some 1,100 a year nationwide. It is the second leading cause of death among college students after motor-vehicle accidents.One in 10 college students has considered taking his or her own life, according to The Jed Foundation, a New York City-based college suicide-prevention program.
  • Ninety-four percent of counseling directors reported an increase in students with severe psychological conditions, including depression, eating disorders, and drug and alcohol addictions, reports the 2009 National Survey of Counseling Directors.
  • In addition, 91 percent believe a greater number of students are arriving on campus already taking psychiatric medications.
  • In the past fifty years, the suicide rate for those age 15-24 increased by over 200 percent. About 12 people aged 15-24 will commit suicide today – that is one about every two hours.
  • Caucasians account for over 90 percent of all completed suicides. For African Americans, the rate of suicide is growing faster among young African Americans than among Caucasians. Suicide rates from 1980-1995 increased 93% for African American females (age 15-24) and 214% for African American males (age 15-24).
  • Native Americans have the highest suicide rate among all 15-24 year olds.

So what can colleges and student advisers do to stymie suicide, depression and mental illness overall? They can be as interested in delivering student support as they are with academic direction. They can take time to listen more and manage equilibrium between their primary job functions and what may mean life and death for a student. We applaud student advisers for all they do, but more can be done.

Another step is to stomp the shame that comes with depression, suicidal thoughts and even addiction. That means directing students to professional psychiatric counselors and physicians. But there’s also a to-do that’s always overlooked, despite being so obvious.
It’s overall health and wellness—eating habits, exercise, stress relief—even building a set of friends.

Stress relief is our mission. That’s why we do mobile massage. And that’s why we travel to colleges. We set up our chairs, our massage areas and deliver what can eliminate stiff necks and sore muscles. We usually do chair massage. Students can breathe sighs of relief and just STOP the pace of college life. Our licensed and certified massage therapists don’t show up with dollar signs in their eyes. They’re genuine, professional and readily chat with students.

Advisers, keep advising and do the best job you can. Keep on showing your interest and concern for students. But also look for the signs that may save lives.

It really can.

Entering the Work World 101: Corporate Realities, Corporate Opportunities

Jodi graduated cum laude, was an excellent student and spent every summer since her freshman year interning at accounting firms. She graduated, was recruited by a Top 4 accounting firm and had a job the day after she got her diploma. She was smart, articulate and had an intense work ethic.

Her first week was a walk in the park, with a lot of time in “meet and greet, plus a night or two of late hours. It seemed like a good fit. Week 2 hit like a tsunami without warning. A surging, sky-high wall of papers, to-dos, deadlines and deliverables smashed into her work area like a freight train that never stopped chugging. She worked 14, 16, 18 hours a day, for weeks on end. After several months, the shining star was dim, distressed and severely disillusioned. She was baffled, “Why would a company treat its people so poorly?”

Welcome to the Work World, a conglomeration of people and priorities that combine to build “success” of all types. It is Survival of the Fittest in all its glory; It’s “stomp, romp and chomp” your way to the top. It becomes central station for stress, anxiety, fear, anger. Resentment.

As a new college graduate, you’ll find all types of companies and places to work. You’ll experience the worst and usually the best.

Good companies do exist. There are companies that treat employees like people, no matter your title or position. These companies understand the Profitability Equation: Companies that treat their employees well usually win the end game, long term. Cut-throat companies who abuse their employees ultimately cut their own throats by mistreating their people.

The Job You Want, Where You Want It

A good job pays you respectfully, treats you respectfully and offers more than money. It’s about what you do, who you’re with, company benefits and even little perks that make you feel like a contributor.

Creative thinkers at companies seek ways to build teams and rapport. Benefits-wise, this may be Flex Time, where you can work specific hours and/or specific days, or compressed weeks. This is when companies choose to work 12-hour days, Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off.  Other creative options include onsite childcare, pets at work, tuition reimbursement and, our favorite, on-site massage. How would you like to know that one day a week, you can walk down to the fifth floor of Company ABC and get a free 15-minute chair massage, courtesy of your company? Mobile massage is a growing trend in corporate America!

It helps you. It helps the company. We’d even bet it helps your department team dynamics and how you feel when you leave work, go play, see your friends or parents.

Lastly, let us just say we’re proud that Google was recognized as #1 in corporate reputation, not because it is well trusted, admired or respected. It achieved the ranking in the annual Harris Interactive poll of corporate reputation largely for its favorable workplace environment that includes play rooms, a gourmet cafeteria and on-site massages, and more.

Find your job at a place that treats you well, trains you well and knows that every individual is an asset. Review their benefits and examine their creativity. Even mention how alternative benefits can mean a lot to employees without costing a lot, even if it’s just a “Special Celebrate Employees Day.”

You can find a great job. Just keep on trying and manage that job search well. When it gets to be too much, go get a massage.

It helps. Really.

This is why Employees want massage at your next health fair

Massage at Corporate Health Fairs

Corporate health fairs are becoming increasingly more common in today’s workplaces. The vast benefits of corporate health services are something that any industry can benefit from. It is known that corporate health fairs reduce absenteeism, lower insurance costs, increase productivity and allow for early detection of many medical conditions.  However, there are times when employers have trouble getting their employees to participate in these event.


Creating a more rewarding experience for your employees can ensure that more will actively participate in the event. Massage therapy is already offered regularly to employees by many of the top companies. When looking at Forbes list of the Best Places to Work For, 8 of the top 10  companies are currently offering massage and other relaxation practices to their employees as a regular practice. Here are the reasons you should incorporate massage into your health fair.


Increase Participation

Let’s face it, people don’t really like to be poked and prodded. While these biometric screenings are valuable it may be stressful for your employees. Implementing additional services that your employees will want to engage in will create a more successful program for both employers and employees. These services may include massage, healthy food classes/sampling, yoga or meditation. “It is important to see how workplaces are constantly evolving and changing,” say Heidi Golledge CEO of CareerBliss “Creating happiness at work is a very fluid process, building and adapting to a changing workforce, while accounting for the key factors that create happier environments.”


Reduce Stress

In every job there are inherent stresses, these stresses are not necessarily negative.  They can help motivate a person to complete goals. However, work stress is not the only thing that your employees are experiencing. People have a lot on their plate, you don’t want outside stress to overwhelm your employees and affect their work. Michele Christiansen, Operations Manager at Colorado Health Institute explains why she implemented a chair massage program for their employees, “People were getting really stressed out, we couldn’t change the workload. What we could do is help people manage the stress of the workload.”


In a 1996 study “The effectiveness of massage therapy intervention on anxiety in the workplace” it was found that on-site chair massage significantly reduced the anxiety levels. Chair massage is an excellent fit in a corporate health setting for many reasons. Chair massage can be done in a relatively small area, and even a 5 minute massage can provide your employees multiple benefits. In a small amount of time your employee can relax their bodies and refocus their minds so that they can bring their best to their work.


Alleviate Discomfort

In every industry there are forces that can cause your employers discomfort, whether it is a sedentary desk job or one that requires you to stand all day, repetitive motion can cause problems. According to its definition by  Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Repetitive Strain Injury (RSIs)  is an “injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression, or sustained or awkward positions.”  The prevalence of RSIs has consistently increased since the 1970s as typewriters and computers became an integral part of the workplace, and have increased even more rapidly since the explosion of hand held phones and devices. When discussing pain from using technology devices, commonplace words such as “ipod finger” have become part of our vocabulary.


Another common workplace issue is back pain, poor posture and improper support can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Meredith Gansrow, a massage therapist and owner of Massage On The Go USA, explains how massage can alleviate these common workplace issues. “Massage therapy aids circulation and blood flow to help the body heal itself, correct posture, relieve nerve entrapment if caused by poor posture and quiet the mind.,” she continues by saying “In addition, mini massages can act like a substitute for mediation, bringing people back into the present moment so they can focus on what is in front of them.


Massage for the Masses

On-site chair massage is a form of massage that can be enjoyed by the majority of people. This mobile massage is perfect for a corporate health fair for many reasons, it can service a large amount of people in a reasonable amount of time, it doesn’t require employees to change out of their work clothes and it can be done within a small area that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the health fair. Mobile massage is also easy to set up and break down in a matter of minutes.


Massage is a cost effective way to show your employees that you care about their well being and when an employee feels that they are appreciated they are likely to work harder and more efficiently. For the past 18 years Massage on the Go has been providing on-site chair massage for corporate events. They have the expertise to find the right massage therapists for your company, which will help relieve the stress of bringing massage to your corporation as well.