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Learning to relax and revitalize can put you and your people a step ahead of the competition and set a course for attaining life long goals. Those who lean how to manage stress early tend to flourish. Massage goes boyond the erbal and inetllectual and goes right to the emotional and physical where stress hides.
Study Break Ideas That You Should Do And Should Avoid

When at college, more often than not you will find yourself sitting down for an inordinate amount of time trying to get as much studying done as possible; it’s pretty much a rite of passage for anybody attending college. It’s all good and well sitting down with a pot of coffee, the light on, all of your books and working for 5 hours straight. It does after all get the job accomplished, but at the same time it will start to takes its toll on your mind and body. The more that you commit without taking a break or rewarding

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4 Positive Ways Deal With Stress At College

Coping with stress at college is just part and parcel of earning your college degree. Trying to juggle a full course load, bustling social life and in some instances work can give college students their first real taste of the stress that comes in later life.  Even though stress is an inescapable part of college, it doesn’t necessarily have to become part of your everyday life. Stress that builds up can be detrimental to all aspects of student life, so we have put together some great positive ways to deal with stress when at college. 1.       Go out of the

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Seven Student Activity Ideas

There is nothing quite like kicking back after a long study session and relaxing in your dorm with friends. It’s a little reward for the hard work you have done, but over the course of college, kicking back and watching TV in the dorm will start to get boring fast. The best thing to spice up the atmosphere and reward yourself and others is to organize a social activity that you can all participate in.  Ideally a good social activity will involve as many people as possible, yet doing a more specific activity can be more rewarding for you.  Below

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Help Your Friends Relax With A Neck Massage

When days have passed and you are still cramming for your finals, its common place for stress and aches to take hold in your body. When hours have gone by and you’re hunched over a laptop or a book studying, it’s more often than not that these aches manifest themselves in the neck and shoulder regions. It’s quite common to tell if someone is stressed because their neck and shoulder muscles are incredibly tense, when in reality they should be relaxed. A great way to relieve the stress and tension from the area is through a well performed neck massage.

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The Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving: Mobile Massage

The ceremonies, family gatherings and pleasantries are in full throttle. Just how many gathering are there? But enjoy and relish the fact that you’ve graduated after four long years of school. You’ve got your degree. And you career pursuits are on. You’re at home, you change into your favorite jammies and crash on the couch. What times does “Glee” come on? So many thoughts, anxieties and questions—jobs, apartments, autos. Paychecks. A bubbling volcano is active. It rolls up through the legs, back, arms, fingers, neck and shoulders and explodes into back of your head, screaming like a fire-hot Van Halen

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Student Advisors Can Benefit Students with Class Advice—Health Advice Too

From freshman orientation to advice on curriculum and career choices, the student adviser plays a key role in the progress of on-campus student life. For newbies, early college life is an emotional roller-coaster of excitement, anxiety, highs and lows, new friends and no friends. For students acclimated to life on campus, there are different stressors, no less severe. Data prove it: Student suicides still total some 1,100 a year nationwide. It is the second leading cause of death among college students after motor-vehicle accidents.One in 10 college students has considered taking his or her own life, according to The Jed

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