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Learning to relax and revitalize can put you and your people a step ahead of the competition and set a course for attaining life long goals. Those who lean how to manage stress early tend to flourish. Massage goes boyond the erbal and inetllectual and goes right to the emotional and physical where stress hides.
Entering the Work World 101: Corporate Realities, Corporate Opportunities

Jodi graduated cum laude, was an excellent student and spent every summer since her freshman year interning at accounting firms. She graduated, was recruited by a Top 4 accounting firm and had a job the day after she got her diploma. She was smart, articulate and had an intense work ethic. Her first week was a walk in the park, with a lot of time in “meet and greet, plus a night or two of late hours. It seemed like a good fit. Week 2 hit like a tsunami without warning. A surging, sky-high wall of papers, to-dos, deadlines and

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This is why Employees want massage at your next health fair

Massage at Corporate Health Fairs Corporate health fairs are becoming increasingly more common in today’s workplaces. The vast benefits of corporate health services are something that any industry can benefit from. It is known that corporate health fairs reduce absenteeism, lower insurance costs, increase productivity and allow for early detection of many medical conditions.  However, there are times when employers have trouble getting their employees to participate in these event.   Creating a more rewarding experience for your employees can ensure that more will actively participate in the event. Massage therapy is already offered regularly to employees by many of

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The Benefits Of A Study Group

Study groups are an efficient and excellent way of using the collective knowledge of your friends to work smarter not harder when it comes to school exams and papers. The last thing you want when studying is stress. One of the most nagging parts of having to study is that you are often alone in a room working for hours on end which is often depressing. With a study group you work together with your friends and student companions towards a common goal. You are still surrounded by  meaning that you can easily take a break and re-energize your mind

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Should A Portion Of The Student Activities Fund Be Allocated To Promoting Wellness On Campus?

I have a student activities client who decided to create a line item for wellness activities within their yearly budget. The concept was that a portion of the funds would be allocated toward activities that promote student wellness, or well being. With so many students carrying an inordinate amount of stress from the demands of college, work and all that goes all long with the growing pains of becoming a self sufficient contributing person in society, I think we owe it to our students to help them learn how to cope. We owe it to them to help them avoid

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Arranging Amazing Massage Parties For You And Your Sorority Sisters

Spending time with your girlfriends and sorority sisters is an essential part of college for many female students. It’s a great way to relax and rewind and more importantly it’s a way of creating new relationships and friendships that will support you through your years at college and beyond. A good girlfriend will be at your side whenever you need her for any problem. Whether you need to cry or moan or just need some study advice, they are always there for you. What could be better than thanking your closest friends by arranging massage parties for them? It’s a

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Beating Procrastination At College – Improving Your Campus Wellness

When at college one of the biggest things students find hard to manage is their time. This is easily understandable when you think about the amount of study, work and social events that students want to attend. They often over stretch themselves to thin leading to a loss of performance in one, if not all three of those previously mentioned areas. Being overstretched could also lead to a lack of proper sleep and proper nutrition which is detrimental to studying and overall performance. If your body is not properly looked after it slowly begins to not work as well as

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