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We have a mission at Massage on the Go USA to provide the best possible job opportunities and working environments for wellness therapists.
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Executive Team


Meredith E. Schuster-Gansrow, L.M.T., C.E.O.


Combining her expertise in the special event and massage industries, Meredith brings wellness into people’s lives thru the vehicles of mobile massage fun and entertainment. Meredith heads our Marketing & Sales effort and Program Development

For preventing and relieving stress, Meredith enjoys biking, laughing, painting, sculpting and of course getting massages. Meredith also sits on the committee at the Swedish Institute in New York City that aids their efforts to improve their program and keep a pulse on what massage businesses need their massage therapists to know to be successful in their careers.

She actively helps massage therapists build their business acumen to aid the individual and the massage therapy industry. Meredith has also been published in Magazines that promote quality programming at Colleges and universities.

“For me, the most powerful wellness education is not something learned via listening or reading but through the power the experience.” -Meredith E. Schuster-Gansrow

Michael Gansrow, L.M.T., C.O.O.


Mike brings a wealth of management and leadership skill facilitating his mission of aiding licensed or certified massage therapists’ work in rewarding environments that promote professionalism and life-long careers in the massage industry. Mike heads our operations department, including the process of screening, training, recruitment, scheduling and quality control. Since Mike became COO of Massage On The Go USA we have had an incredible track record of never having to cancel an event.

For preventing and relieving stress, Mike enjoys running, playing guitar, mediation. Be on the lookout for Mike’s first published book.

“No matter how much we are informed thru the advancements in technology as human beings we have always and will continue to need healthy touch. I love making our services available to you. “ -Michael Gansrow

Meredith and Michael are married and live with their 3 children and dog.