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Chair Massage

Massage On The Go USA pioneered mobile massage programs into the college industry and remains the leading and longest running event massage company for colleges and corporations nationwide, serving them for over two decades. So what’s so great about a chair massage?

A massage provided in a mobile massage chair has incredible physical, emotional and spiritual advantages.

Chair massage gives you the opportunity to get a massage virtually anywhere. With no need to disrobe you can have your massage in the office, at a campus student center, outside or in any public setting. Chair massage allows you to incorporate wellness into your daily life. There’s no need to carve out a lot of time.

Since you do not need to disrobe, there is no need for creams or oils. The therapist can give effective shorter massages which helps when you are living on the go or when you are looking to have massage therapy provided to a large group of people.

Besides convenience, the specially designed massage chairs allows the person receiving a massage to completely relax. The special massage chair was made to hold every muscle of your body without you having to do a thing but enjoy.

You will be amazed at the effect a massage can have when given in a massage chair. But obviously it is not all about the chair. It is about the skill level of the massage therapist. There is so much to choosing the right massage therapists for event massage.

When you sit down into a massage chair you will notice tension immediately melting away. Once a Massage On The Go USA licensed or certified (depending on state regulations) massage therapist begins to massage your shoulders you will begin to feel a vast difference in your body and demeanor. We have personally observed people’s entire attitudes change from gloomy to sunny in less than 5 minutes. Their faces express it all with a look of complete relaxation.

Our expert massage therapists will slowly knead your tired sore muscles. Gently lifting, stretching and relaxing your neck back and shoulders. The therapist will aid you in relieving any remaining tension. As you begin to relax even further you may find yourself entering what we at Massage On The Go USA call “The Massage Zone”, a dimension not of sight and sound but of peace of mind. Even in high traffic areas, it is very common for people to have a deep sense of relaxation and feel revitalized and uplifted.

With Massage On The Go USA you can choose between first come first serve massages or by appointment massages using our unique scheduling system designed specifically for chair massage events. Choose between company sponsored events and programs or employee/ employer shared expense programs. Massage On The Go USA can help guide you with the best choice for your company or organization.

Massage chairs give our professionally trained licensed massage therapists easier access to problem areas such as the neck, back and shoulders. They are able to give better pressure with more ease, which gives you a deeper massage when needed.

Why Provide Chair Massage At Your Next Corporate Or College Event?

There are many positive reasons to provide chair massage at a company or college event.

Corporate massage shows your employees you care. When an employee feels their company cares about their well- being, they are more productive and eager to please.

When having a health fair, corporate chair massage is a great way to draw people in. It is one of the few things at the health fair they really look forward to. Lines for our massages at health fairs often give you an opportunity to discuss other aspects of staying healthy and preventative care.

Massage helps decrease absenteeism, helps with repetitive motion injuries often occurring due to long hours working at a computer or doing physical labor.

A college or university setting is a great place to introduce massage as a wellness modality to college students. It gives them an opportunity to learn positive ways of dealing with stress in the present and as they enter the work world.

De-stress programs also instill positive feelings toward an institution. It helps create an emotional buy-in with their college of choice and is often part of what leads to higher retention and positive memories when becoming an alum.

Have more questions? Want to find out how we can cater to your individual needs? Call or click here to be in touch with our specialized event coordinators.


  • Massage aids blood flow and circulation.
  • Releases endorphins giving you feel good feelings.
  • Relaxes and revives.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Puts people in a more positives frame of mind.
  • Reduces or eliminates pain.