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Smoothie & Coffee Bar

Aloha! We invite you to create an atmosphere where you and your guests can take a break and revitalize with a massage to go and a tiki bar with smoothies and/or coffee. Our smoothies are made with fresh fruit in a variety of flavors and your favorite blends. One can also choose between dairy and non-dairy varieties.

Enjoy our gourmet and organic coffees both hot or iced with an assortment of choices to create your perfect beverage. Our delicious, rich and flavorful coffee blends are brewed fresh at your event or choose hot cocoa as an enjoyable alternative.

If ever there were a way to bring a mini-vacation to the office, college campus or outdoor event, it is a relaxing massage followed by enjoying a beverage either by yourself or amongst friends and colleagues.

Taking a break to recharge does wonders for concentration, focus and productivity.

In the world of wellness, we often talk about the nutrients we receive from our food and beverages and what, if any, we lack due to empty calories. While of course this is important, there is another aspect of what we consume and how it benefits us other than it’s macronutrients. I’m talking about the taste and the experience of what we put into our bodies.

For example…when was the last time you went for a cup of coffee, not for its caffeine content but just for the taste, for the experience of sipping a delicious cup of coffee made the exact way you love it, where you sat with friends, laughed and took pleasure in the experience of your java?

Just as an experiment, the next time you grab a beverage be it water, tea, coffee, juice or a smoothie … take your time. Sip. Feel the beverage flow through your body and imagine it giving you exactly what you need.

How It Works

To create a wonderful experience by combining smoothies and/ or coffees to your mobile massage event choose between a tiki bar or table top. Our baristas can set up quickly and unobtrusively in an office setting, convention hall, campus center or at any outdoor event. We can provide a generator or keep us close to an electrical power source. Choose between unlimited drinks during the duration of your event or for cost savings we can work out packages for the number of drinks you would like served. Your Massage On The Go USA event coordinator can help you figure out what is best for you.

At Massage On The Go USA, we believe that the more senses you can incorporate into your spa event the richer the experience will be for your attendees. Add smoothies or coffees for people to slow down and sip their beverages, really taste the flavors, aromatherapy to breath in essential oils for a sense of calm, energy and/or focus, play music to enhance their audio experience, create a visually appealing atmosphere and of course include mobile massage services for our primal need for healthy touch.

Your attendees will thank you with better productivity and a stronger sense of community.

Fun Facts About Smoothies

For hundreds of years Mediterranean and Eastern cultures have served fruit drinks that were similar to smoothies by pureeing fruit. It wasn’t until the invention of both the blender and the home refrigerator that smoothies started to gain popularity in the United States. What really put smoothies on the map was the health food movement of the 1960’s, but smoothies weren’t just popular with nature loving hippies. Bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Lalanne consumed smoothies for weight training and overall fitness. Smoothies are a pleasurable healthy treat and are equally fun to experiment with to create your own.

Fun Facts About Coffee

After doing some research, coffee may have some strong health benefits and it’s not just the caffeine.

  • Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than fruit and veggies.
  • Coffee can make you smarter and improve energy levels thanks to the all mighty caffeine. It can improve memory, mood and cognitive function
  • Caffeine burns fat, increasing your metabolic rate by 3-11%
  • Coffee contains nutrients such as Riboflavin, Manganese and Potassium and more
  • Coffee can reduce depression and make you feel happy.
  • Just smelling coffee can reduce stressful feelings from lack of sleep
  • Contact Massage On the Go USA about bringing smoothies, coffee and hot cocoa to your next event in the warm or cold weather. We have a treat to make everyone happy and your event a success.