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DIY Kits

Looking for a way to make your relaxation event more unique and well received?

What better way to relax than to let the creative juices flow and clear the mind of the things that are weighing on you. Massage on the Go USA’s newest spa service will allow your guests a chance to be creative by providing them with customized crafts. MOTG offers several options to provide a spa-inspired craft kits to your mobile spa event.

Let us create a unique and personalized craft kit that will suit your needs, large or small. We provide everything you need to run your own craft extravaganza. Our comprehensive kits include everything that you could need for your craft experience so that you can simply set-up the project and allow your participants to enjoy.

Crafting and the Brain

The benefits of crafting are very similar to the benefits of meditation. While crafting the brain is able to focus on something other than what is typically weighing on the mind. Crafting can reduce stress, relieve inflammation and is a natural anti-depressant. Some studies have even shown that crafting has anti-aging effects on the body. In addition to the stress relief qualities of crafting it also can improve cognitive learning and improve memory. Crafting is often used as a form of therapeutic healing or occupational therapy.

Massage on the Go USA’s custom craft kits allow the relaxation atmosphere of your corporate or college event to extend past the time of your event by providing your participants with something they can bring home to enjoy.

A DIY projects and all natural living becomes increasing popular people are showing more interest in creating. Our custom craft kits are designed to be easy enough to allow your participants to take some time to make something to pamper themselves.

With the ever growing popularity of web platforms like pinterest people are constantly looking at how easy some crafts are to do however they don’t have the time to collect the supplies and take the time to put something together. That’s where we come in! We will help you design the craft that you are looking for, provide all of the materials needed and give detailed instructions for your participants to easily complete the project.

Massage on the Go USA can provide craft kits for large or small groups depending on the needs for your event. When we are personalizing your project we take into account many different factors; how many participants, how long the event is and how much time people will have to complete the project and the space that is needed for the craft.

    Craft Project Ideas:

  • Aromatherapy Sugar Scrubs-Each person can choose how they want their sugar scrub to smell. Choice of 3 pure essential oils, we use high quality oil that is nut free. Sugar not included to save on shipping and handling. Typically need 1 volunteer
  • All Natural Lip Balm– Each person create their own lip balm. Choose from 3 essential oils, we provide everything you need to run the program. Typically needs 1 volunteer
  • Aromatherapy Clay Diffusers– Each person creates their own unique clay diffuser. Each person gets clay. Can make simple pebble like structures for the non artists. The artists need no instruction. After mini sculptures are made, students choose the essential oils they would like to add. Typically we provide 4 choices with info on the benefits of each so they can choose based on smell, benefit or both. (see facebook page for photos on our very first school to give it a try. Add on…provide each student with a small bottle of essential oils to add for future use.
  • Candles for Commuters– Here’s something special for our commuters since most colleges don’t allow candles in the dorm room. Make your own layered candle. Choose between multi colors or school colors for the extra school pride.
  • Aroma Inhalers– We provide specific recipes to make your own aromatherapy inhaler. About the size of a chap stick each one’s scent lasts for months. Choose between a pre-exam stress remedy, half relaxation/ half uplift, immune buster or speak to us about your event and we can customize one for you. For example…stop smoking aromatherapy inhaler aid.
  • Muscle Soreness Remedy– Make your oil massage oil to use on specific areas of muscle soreness for after a hard workout, move in or out day or from neck and shoulder aches from working and studying so hard. Learn about the essential oils that go into your remedy too.
  • Bath & Shower Bombs– We made this sometimes complicated DIY simple and easy to make. Choose between a relaxation Bath/Shower Bomb or an energizing one. If using in the bath they fizz and add that special enjoyment to any tub. Don’t have a bath? We send enough essential oils for all to enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy and dry flowers in the shower too.

Don’t see something that piques your interest? We are always welcoming your input, we will do our best to bring the type of craft that will enhance your mobile spa event. We can work with any theme to bring to life your event.

Ask one of our Event Planners to find out how you can bring the added experience of crafting to your next mobile massage event.