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Event Massage

Imagine this…Your employees have been working on a huge project. They need to take care of your clients and customers in a big way. They have been hunched over their computers, lugging heavy objects, and tweaking things to make them perfect. No matter how many ergonomically correct postures they have learned they are still aching and sleep deprived.

Their minds are in 2 places. One, wanting to make sure everything goes smoothly but two, knowing that extra time at work means taking away from family and personal responsibilities.

If they are going to be productive and stay productive, you know that you can’t drive them all the time. They need to have a break. They need to be shown that they’re appreciated. After all, when your employees feel appreciated, they’re willing to walk through fire to get it done and please you.

How can you cost-effectively lift their spirits, retrain their focus, and show you care?

How do you create a sense of community in your workplace where your employees want to come to work?

Massage On the Go USA mobile massage and spa services is a cost effective way to help lift their spirits, bring them back to mental clarity after putting in many work hours and aid their aching bodies and throbbing headaches.

Anyone who is looking to do the right thing for their customers and clients have had moments like this, maybe your company has had a lot of them and why not? You are looking to take care of your clients in the way you would want to be taken care of.

We have a solution to help you through these tough times and if everything is going smoothly, then what better way than to show your appreciation with professional trained licensed and insured massage therapists to take away those sore muscles and replace them with vitality and purpose.

With so much social media contact people are craving experiences not another gift basket or gift card. They are craving true connection and massage is the perfect way to say thank you in a way that leaves people feeling inspired, relaxed and revitalized to bring purpose to their work and lives.

But there is more…while there are many proven benefits to seated chair massage, you want to make sure you are working with a company that focuses purely on event massage.

While your call to your local spa may seem like a great idea or having someone who specializes in pain management purely at a location is like going to a primary physician or ear nose and throat doctor when you need a specialist for a completely different issue.

At Massage On the Go USA we pay attention to every detail. There are ways to make sure your massage event or on-going massage in the workplace program goes smoothly and does what you are intending it to do. Take care of your people, show you care, say thank you and help them feel great about working with you or for you.

We have specially trained, licensed and insured massage therapists who are continually screened. We don’t stop our screening when we hire our therapists. It is an on-going process to insure you the quality of care you deserve.

We would like to invite you to take a moment, stop texting and speaking on the phone while you are reading this. Instead take a deep breath and imagine sitting comfortably in your chair (When we come you will be in a specially designed chair so you can relax all your muscles while getting your massage. You will be able to close your eyes and experience the feeling rather than reading about it.)

Imagine having professionally trained hands massaging your shoulders and literally lifting and kneading all the tension you have been holding in your shoulders. You can almost feel the tension melting away.

Imagine the smile on your face as you realize for a brief moment in time all you thought about was your aching, stiff shoulders and neck feeling loose and flexible.

Imagine the clarity you have because you realized for that brief moment all you had on your mind was how great you were feeling in that moment. That feeling, that moment can stay with you far beyond the time of your massage.

Now imagine having a company who has the expertise to have the right massage therapists that are professional and fit into the culture of your company take care of all the planning.

All you have to do is sit and melt into their massage chair. For all you know, you may even feel like you were on vacation without coming back to a workload of missed tasks.

Giving great massages is just one aspect of what makes a great massage event, mobile spa or continued program. For those looking to create a working environment employees are proud to say…I work for the best company in my industry, contact Massage On The Go USA.