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Eyebrow Threading

For more than 6000 years eyebrow threading, or “threading” as it is commonly called, has been used as a hair removal method. Threading originated in Central Asia, India and areas in the Middle East but the practice has gained popularity in Western countries in Europe and North America.

The widespread popularity of threading is well-deserved:

Threading is precise and much easier to achieve the shape you want over waxing or plucking. Your eyebrows will be perfectly shaped because the thread allows for better accuracy than waxing and takes out lines of hair rather than one by one like plucking does. Threading removes short lines of hair at the follicle level, giving you much longer lasting results. Eyebrow threading has the ability to shape the eyebrow completely, not just underneath but also on top. Threading only removes hairs from the eyebrows where required.

It is gentler on the skin. Leaving your skin free of red marks and irritations often found with waxing. There is also no need to put oil on your skin to sooth your skin afterwards. For people with sensitive skin, threading is an ideal option for hair removal.
Threading is sanitary. Each person gets their own thread. No more dipping a stick into the same tub of wax. Bacteria lives where it is warm. When having your eyebrows waxed you often are getting your own stick, however that stick is still being dipped into the same “ball of wax” as everyone else who has had their waxing done.

Threading provides a more natural look in eyebrow shaping, avoiding the “over-plucked” look. The natural shape of your eyebrow is followed and enhanced as your desire.

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

When doing eyebrow threading the licensed practitioner uses a technique that involves using a length of twisted cotton to catch and pull out the eyebrow hairs. While this may sound quite simple, successful threading does take the practitioner a considerable amount of skill and training to insure ease of the hairs being removed. An experienced practitioner is able to make the hair removal process a much more pleasant experience than waxing or plucking.

Threading takes out every single hair by it’s root leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. Our licensed practitioners may go over the same area several times without irritation as only the hair is being targeted.The results are wonderfully neat and achieve perfectly symmetrical eyebrows which can take years off of your appearance or just show off your more beautiful face.

Event Eyebrow Threading

Now you can bring threading right to your office or college and give your employees, student body and yourself the benefits threading has to offer. Threading is an ideal addition to your Massage on the Go USA event because all you need is just a chair, there is virtually no cleanup required and it can service a large number of people.

Threading is an all natural process, so it is a wonderful complement to your Massage on the Go USA massage event. No chemicals are used in the process making it the perfect choice for everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin.

Threading can be a great addition to one of your events. Have threading along with Massage on the Go USA’s spa services such as event massage, henna body art, express manicures, oxygen bars and foot massage services. It is still different enough that people enjoy it as an unexpected treat. Remember a treatment is “meant” to treat.

Having your eyebrows and other facial hair threaded has become a priority treatment for many women, and men have been joining in too. The benefits of threading is now making this service a popular choice for corporate, college and private events such as bridal showers, bachelorette and birthday parties.

“We love having Massage On The Go USA’s eyebrow threading service. We usually have the threading service along with chair massage and express manicures. We have a male dominated population and started with this service as a way to have events that were geared to our smaller female population. As it turns out both the men and women equally enjoy the program. Massage On The Go USA is so easy to work with. I know all I have to do is reach out with what I want and the program is taken care of. “ A.L.Queens, NY

Find out how Massage on the Go USA can enhance your next company, campus or private event by bringing eyebrow threading to your participants.

For more information call Massage On The Go USA or fill out the Get A Quote link.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

  • Easy set up
  • No harmful chemicals needed to perform
  • Great for spa and cultural events
  • Create clean crisp lines
  • It will easily become participants hair removal technique of choice.