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Henna Tattoo

Our experienced Henna artists use natural henna to bring the beautiful experience of this ancient artform to any location. Whether you are looking to enhance your corporate holiday or picnic or you want something different to make your college event more memorable, Henna temporary body art is a wonderful addition to your mobile massage, multi-cultural event or as a stand alone service.

Incorporating henna body art at your next Massage on the Go USA event is an excellent way to offer a unique service that will truly make your event stand out to your participants. Our talented henna artists are able to set up in virtually any location making it an ideal choice even if you are limited on space. Since applying temporary henna tattoo design is an all natural process the artist does not need any additional supplies making cleanup quick and easy. There are no needles, making the application of Henna painless and temporary.

Massage On The Go USA henna artists offer a range of different henna styles suitable for a variety individual tastes, they work quickly and efficiently so that they can ensure everyone can receive a beautiful temporary henna design. Massage On The Go USA insures that all Henna Artists use top of the line natural ingredients. Henna Body Art combined with our other specialized spa services ensures your event will be well received and unforgettable.

How Does Henna Art Work?

Choose between Henna Artists, who apply design free hand and Henna Stencil. Just provide a table and some chairs and we are ready to go. With either the free-hand artist or the stencil the Henna paste is applied to the desired area, the paste is made from the powder of dried henna leaves.

When the design is complete it is covered to protect it while it dries. The henna paste starts staining the skin almost immediately, the longer the paste remains on the skin the stronger the color will appear. We recommend leaving your henna to dry for two hours. Once the design has dried the paste will start to flake off, at this time the paste can be brushed off and the design will remain.

The color of your Henna Body Art will continue to get darker over the course of 48 hours and will last about 2-3 weeks. Real henna only penetrates the outer layer of skin making it virtually harmless, making it a good option for your corporate event, college event or trade show.


  • Fun and somewhat unexpected addition to your event
  • Natural ingredients
  • Ability to reach many people in a short amount of time
  • Great for Spa, Relaxation and Multi-cultural Events
  • Temporary yet still lasts about 2-3 weeks

History Of Henna Art

For thousands of years people have been using henna to dye everything from skin and hair to leather and silk. Today when we think of henna we think of the ancient Indian form of body art. It’s origins date back about 5,000 years from Pakistan, India, the Middle East and parts of Africa. The very first uses of henna was as a way to cool the body from the intense desert heat. The cooling sensation would last until staining would fade. The bi-product of this cooling system is the staining of the skin.

The use of henna as body art began to transform and be used culturally as a form of beauty and tradition. Historically, women were adorned with henna body art for special occasions such as weddings and childbirth, the henna designs are thought to bring blessings and good luck.

Henna Today

While henna body art has been around since ancient time it has become increasingly popular in the US. The temporary nature of the body art makes it appealing to a wide variety of people. These intricate and exotic designs are popular with both men and women. Many people refer to Henna as “Henna Tattoo” in actuality it is Henna Body Art. The Henna is applied on top of the skin and does not penetrate underneath as traditional tattoo would. This makes Henna Body Art temporary, painless and a popular way to adorn the skin.

Massage on the Go USA has been offering Henna Body Art as an additional service to our clients with great success. Our clients appreciate the beauty of the artwork and the popularity amongst their participants. It has been shown to be a draw at trade shows and large events as well as at small intimate parties.

“I love when our school spoils us, especially when it’s with something so unique and beautiful. The henna artist did gorgeous work, giving each of us a personalized design.” ~Alex, freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC.