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We have a mission at Massage on the Go USA to provide the best possible job opportunities and working environments for wellness therapists.
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MOTG Workshops

Massage Training and Workshop

Do you rub your friends the right way? In a fun, light hearted atmosphere students learn a massage routine that they can practice on their friends. Also included are tools for self relaxation and stress relief.

Ever wonder how a massage therapist can massage for so long with out hurting their hands? Ever wonder how even the most petite massage therapist can give a massage that feels so strong? In most states it requires 500-1000 hours to become a massage therapist.

Learn some of the basics and walk away knowing how to give a 10 minute massage to your friends and loved ones in 1-2 hours. We’ll give you a simple routine that you can even show your friends how to give a nice massage back to you. Before you know it you will be exchanging massages and everyone will feel relaxed and revived! For massages other than for relaxation purposes please see a trained licensed massage therapist.