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Oxygen Bar

Massage On The Go Oxygen Bar

An Oxygen Bar is a wonderful addition to any stress relief event. There is nothing better than sitting down and breathing. Bringing an Oxygen Bar to your next mobile massage event enhances the experience for all that choose to enjoy its benefits. This spa service can easily accompany your mobile massage event at your office, school or trade show.

Oxygen Bars were first utilized in urban places that were known to have a lot of pollution and poor air quality, such as Tokyo, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Since their inception they have become more widely used not only as an aid in air quality but also for the inherent benefits associated with a more pure oxygen level.

Oxygen is a vital part of our existence, it is in the water we drink and the air we breathe. It is well known that plants produce oxygen while “breathing in” carbon dioxide. Oxygen Bars are like bringing a forest full of plant life right to your event without hurting the environment. 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, the other 10% comes from food and water. It is one of the key elements to good health and vitality.

The average person takes about 200,000 breaths a day and the air we breath is about 21% oxygen. The oxygen that is dispensed from an Oxygen Bar is about 90% pure oxygen, giving the boost in the oxygen levels in the body.


  • Great for places like trade shows with lots of people walking by. People need fresh air but are there to see all the trade show is offering.
  • A great way to bring traffic to your booth
  • For parties and events with big crowds
  • Add a whole new dimension to a stress relieving spa event.

An Oxygen Bar allows participants to sit and relax while breathing highly oxygenated air. The oxygen mixture is delivered through tubing that the participant wears on their nose. The air is often fragranced with scents that promote relaxation, improve mood, clear and refresh the mind.

When planning a relaxation event you want to make sure that your participants are receiving a well balanced experience. The more senses that are stimulated the better the experience will be for them. By adding an oxygen bar to a mobile massage event you are engaging the sense of smell along with the sense of touch. Smell is the strongest and most powerful of the senses. We have several different scents to choose from when planning your event, we can help you to decide which scents will be most beneficial for the relief you want to achieve.


  • Citrus – Bergamot, Orange, Lemon and Lime are commonly used in blended citrus scents. Citrus has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, boost energy and mood and give an overall relaxed feel.
  • Eucalyptus – A strong scent, Eucalyptus is used in blended scents. When looking to increase brain function and combat mental fatigue a scent that incorporates Eucalyptus is what you need.
  • Mint – Easily recognizable, mint (wintergreen or peppermint) is a powerful scent that boosts energy levels and lessen fatigue.
  • Lavender – Lavender, most successful scent in relaxing the brain and reducing stress. is used both by itself and in certain blends. Studies have shown the the use of lavender scents decreases the number of computer errors.
  • Chamomile – Chamomile is another soft scent that can be used both independently or in a blended scent. Chamomile is most effective in soothing nervous tension, relaxing emotions and promoting sleep.

Massage on the Go USA offers a variety of Oxygen Bars that can accommodate the number of participants you wish to serve and create the atmosphere that you are striving for.

Just relax and breathe, each station has scented filled oxygen giving each person a breath of fresh air to stimulate their senses. Our Oxygen Bars are equipped to serve multiple patrons at one time, this will avoid long wait times and give your participants something relaxing to do while they are waiting for other services. The benefits of the Oxygen Bar can be experienced in as little as a few minutes and can be increased up to 20 minutes, determined by how many people you are looking to serve.

Oxygen Bars can be used at any of your corporate massage events, relaxation event, corporate health fairs or trade show events. An Oxygen Bar will increase attendance and get the attention of the crowd. Ask one of our Event Planners how you can combine several of our additional spa services to make a complete sensory relaxation/ stress relief event.

We have been working with Massage On The Go USA for several years now. Everyone loves this event. They are easy to work with and always come up with something special that fits into our budget. Every semester we have the O2bar, massage therapists, and then we change up one other activity. This year we had the sugar scrub kits and it was a big hit. From the Massage On The Go USA office to the people who come to service us at the events, we always get quality and professionalism. -M.J. , Professional at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN